Shared Vision: The 2nd American Bauhaus

Shared Vision: The Second American Bauhaus, a book about the SIU Design Department. It features interviews with and photographs of design teachers and students between 1955 and 1985. The author, Al Gowan, was a design student,1953-55 and 1959.   A free reading, talk, and book signing was held in Oak Park, Illinois on November 11, 2012. Two events were held in Carbondale, Illinois on November 14, 2012. Other readings were  held in Boston, MA and Buffalo, NY (January 30, 2013).
Shared Vision Video Click play on the video player (left) to hear Al Gowan discuss his book, Shared Vision. Thanks to Michael Lakota of New York City for this 10- minute video of Al’s presentation at the University of Buffalo on January 30, 2013. The video is Flash video file that will play in most browsers that have an Adobe Flash plug-in. Go to the Adobe website for more information. Apple QuickTime Video Go to QuickTime page
AIA-Chicago talk Al Gowan, Jon Davey, and Thad Heckman talked about Bucky’s connections to Carbondale, Illinois and Southern Illinois University at a June 5, 2013 program at the American Institute of Architects in Chicago.
On the right side are Tim Scovic and Carolyn Andrews with the American Institute of Architects.
Al Gowan, Jon Davey, and Thad Heckman on the left of Thad’s award winning architectural rendering of the R. Buckminster Fuller Dome home. On the right side are Tim Scovic and Carolyn Andrews with the American Institute of Architects.
New Victor Papanek book out Al Gowan’s next design book, Victor Papanek: Path of a Design Prophet is available now. In the 1970s, Victor Papanek attacked style driven industrial design and trickster advertising. He was thrown out of several professional societies because he told the truth, that design was too often style and fluff. Today, Victor Papanek is recognized as the father of sustainable design. Al Gowan's book tells how all of this came to be. Here’s a link to the Victor Papanek: Path of a Design Prophet at page.
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