Vision 67 - Survival and Growth 19-21 Oct. 1967, at the Loeb Student Center, NYU A number of design students traveled to New York City to attend the Vision 67 Design conference at New York University. NYU is just south of Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. Vision '67 speakers and presenters:     Isaac L. Auerbach, I.T. pioneer, Auerbach Corp. Philadelphia     Max Bense, Prof. Sci. Theory, Technische Hochschule, Stuttgart     Kurt Blum, creator education & tech. films, Switzerland     Warren M. Brodey, psychiatrist, sociologist, MIT     Will Burtin, (conference chairman) designer, educator, NYC     Eugenio Carmi, painter, graphic designer, sculptor, Genoa     Henri Cartier-Bresson, photographer, essayist, France     Gilbert Cohen-Sat, film critic, audiovisual specialist, Paris     Furio Colombo, sociologist, author, TV doc. producer, Rome     Gillo Dorfles, art historian, writer, critic, educator, Milan     Umberto Eco, Prof. of Visual Communications, Florence     R. Buckminster Fuller, architect, engineer, inventor, SIU     Arthur Funkhauser, holography-laser specialist     Ken Garland, graphic designer, author, London, UK     Vittorio Gregotti, architect, writer, critic, teacher, Milan     Alan Gussow, painter, conservationist, New York     August Heckscher, Administrator Cultural Affairs, NYC     James M. Hester, President, NYU     Bruce MacKenzie, linguist, editor, data theorist, IBM     Haig Manoogian, experimental film maker, presenter     Selby Mvusi, painter, lecturer, U. East Africa, Nairobi     Gordon Pask, Research director, System Research, UK     S. Dillon Ripley, Secretary, Smithsonian; Chairman, FCAH     Herbert Roan, designer and educator, SIU     Willem Sandberg, graphic designer, museum director     Tony Schwarz, sound designer, experimentalist, NYC     Charles A. Siepmann, Chair Emeritus, NYU     Aubrey Singer, Head of Features Group, BBC, London     Herbert Spencer, typographer, Sr. Fellow, Royal College of Art     Jean Tinguely, creator of philosophical machines, France     Jerzy Toeplitz, Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences     Victor Vasarely, painter, inventor, Op-Art theorist, France Getting to Vision 67 A story by Jim Nugent about the car trip from Carbondale, Illinois to New York City. Click here to go to the story, “Getting to Vision 67.”
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