Design at Southern Illinois University
Comments What do you remember from your student years in design? We'd like to hear from former students. We'll post your thoughts and pictures. In the meantime, send us an e-mail with your suggestions if you wish. Contacts Send your comments and corrections via e-mail to: Jim Nugent - click here to e-mail me. Copyrights and permissions Photographs, drawings, charts, diagrams, stories, and other content on the SIUDESIGN.ORG website may not be used without permission of the content creator. Contact Jim Nugent by e-mail if you have any questions or requests. Co-conspirators Initial project sparkplug - Rod Rees Web development - Jim Nugent -- nugentj at Additional content - Al Gowan Archive materials - thanks to Herb Meyer in Carbondale Bullet point editor - Mick Rodent Links editor - Chuck Darwin Photos - as credited Construction of site SIUDESIGN.ORG was originally built in February, 2004 using Symantec Visual Page software to generate simple and compact HTML code. JPEG photographs, Acrobat PDF files, and illustrations were inserted into HTML table-based pages. In October, 2011, after upgrading my computer operating system to 64 bit Windows 7, I rebuilt the website using Xara Web Designer 7. Kind of like moving out of the WWII barracks and into a suburban ranch house. The pages and pictures are pretty much the same, only the code has been bloated. Some high resolution jpegs have been replaced with compact gif and png images. Other images have been added at the 1920 pixels width to fill the displays of high def monitors and phones. (June 2021) The pandemic is waning, it’s ten years now with Xara Web Designer. This site is now 13 years old and I’m updating some pages with some new content and new links.