Paul Pauesick Paul Pauesick recently sent us an interesting group of clippings and photographs. Paul studied design at SIU Carbondale in the early 1970s. After earning a bachelors degree in Design from Southern Illinois University he went on to get his masters degree in Information Management at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Click on any picture or document on this page to expand the image to full HD width or height. 1969-70 “Design 100” problems & projects Robert Williams, Michael Weisglas, and Pat Hare were the Design 100 teachers in 1969 and 1970. The four class handouts reproduced below are from those classes. The light blue handout on the lower right dated 13/May/70 outlines a strategy for continuing the Design 100 class even though the President of Southern Illinois University had closed the campus rather than work with student leaders to minimize the university’s involvement with Wesley Fischel and a controversial Viet Nam aid project.
Photo courtesy of Paul Pauesick Photo courtesy of Paul Pauesick Photo courtesy of Paul Pauesick Photo courtesy of Paul Pauesick
Inflatable geodesic dome project - ca 1970
Bill Perk, design department head (third from right) looks on as students compete inflatable dome
Note the Triumph Spitfire automobile and the inflation fan.
documents courtesy of Paul Pauesick documents courtesy of Paul Pauesick documents courtesy of Paul Pauesick documents courtesy of Paul Pauesick
Problem #2 - 1969
4-year course of studies
Environmental problem solving curriculum plan
Campus closed but design continues classes
Robert Williams Robert Williams, one of the instructors for the 1969-70 Design 100 class was an American designer and mathematician who had recently published a book on the geometry of natural structure. Check out the Robert Williams (Geometer) page on Wikipedia for more information about Bob. Bob’s book, Handbook of Structure: Part 1: Polyhedra and Spheres was published in 1968 by McDonnell-Douglas Advanced Research Laboratories. It was republished by Dover Books in 1979 under the title: The Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure.
The white dome from Alternative 71. "Following the riots in 1970, an event called Alternative 71 was proposed to try to heal the rifts with the local town,” according to design department instructor Tony Pugh, "the Design Department was heavily committed.” According to Pugh, a design “class built a 40’ diameter inflated dome as a mobile theatre. It was set up outside the Morris Library, and Herb Roan’s classes projected images on it which could be experienced on the inside as well as the outside. It was a great success and featured the publicity of the plastics company. The next year it was used again then taken to Aspen Design Conference. Later it was “borrowed” by a bunch of students for a party! Eventually I believe it was taken to Europe by which time it was not worth bringing back.” Alternative 71 was a great success, thanks to the Design Department and, together with Herb Meyer’s multiscreen presentation resulted in Carbondale being declared an All-American City 1972.
Mike Burk, Visiting Professor The metal and fabric scupture (black and white photo to the left) was built in a summer design department workshop under Burk’s direction. Mike Burk was from Haifa, Israel. The photo is from the SIU student newspaper, The Daily Egyptian and was taken by Nelson Brooks.
Design at Southern Illinois University