Pevnick Design, Inc. 2301 West Brantwood, Avenue Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209   Hi, I was in the class of 1968. I was a member of the student group that remodeled the “Space-Between.” We worked with architects R. Larry Medlin and Frei Otto designing the tensile and membrane auditorium “tent.” I worked in Bucky's office for a short time as a graphic designer. I also went to Mexico for a month with Davis Pratt.  I was in the class with Larry Busch and Jeri Newman. The only people from that time I keep in touch with are Hobart Jackson and Danny Gildesgame.  I went on to get my MFA from Washington University in St. Louis.  I'm a professor of Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee where I've been teaching for 35 years.   Stephen Pevnick
Stephen Pevnick

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