Photo by Dale Carlson - abt 1965 MEMO Why Homasote?   Because: 	1.	it was available in a HUGE sheet size (8 by 14 feet),  	2.	it was flexible,  	3.	it was reasonably water resistant and durable,  	4.	it was inexpensive,  	5.	shipping point was proximate, and  	6.	my budget was stringent --- one dollar per square foot for the entire enclosure to include pavement and heating.  One dollar/sq. ft. was accomplished, by the way.   The space between wasn't supposed to be in place for more than one or two years. It’s going to be an "experimental structure" is how Harold maneuvered it past the university budget and architects' offices.    In fact, the space between lasted, serving very nicely, with occasional improvements, for more like 7 or 8 years.”  Herb Meyer photo by Dale Carlson Herb Meyer
Herb Meyer designed and built the Space Between assisted by teachers and students in the design department. We asked him why he chose an indoor, porous material like Homasote Here’s his answer and pictures of him building it.
Building the Space Between
Building the “Space Between”
photo by Jim Nugent 1964-5
Photo by Jim Nugent • 1964 or 65
Design at Southern Illinois University