From Bauhaus to Behaviorism Between 1948 and 1965, Harold Cohen was a key player in a string of successful initiatives: o modern furniture design with Davis Pratt o starting the SIU design department, o bringing Bucky to Carbondale and SIU, o directing the Experiment in Higher Education project at SIU, o designing the multimedia SIU General Studies Design Course, GSC-205, o designing the S.I.U. disposable laboratory cage In the mid-sixties, Harold left Carbondale to join the staff of the Institute for Behavioral Research (IBR) in Washington, D.C. At IBR, Harold was the project director of the Contingencies Applicable to Special Education (CASE) project. The CASE projects (CASE, CASE II, CASE II-MODEL, and CASE Training Institute) developed and tested experimental educational procedures working with a population of delinquent boys at the National Training School for Boys (NTSB) in Washington, D.C. The Golden Box Disposable animal cage Isaac Shechmeister and Harold Cohen invented a disposable mouse cage for scientists and researchers in the late 1950s. They applied for a U.S. patent in 1960 which was granted in 1964. For a number of years the Shechmeister/Cohen disposable animal cage was one of Southern Illinois University Foundation's most profitable inventions. Click on the picture to the right to read the 10 page U.S. Patent. This disposable cage was innovative because it didn't need expensive cleaning and sterilization techniques between uses. The disposable molded plastic cages could be nested for storage and shipping, the curved corner design was immune to chewing by animals preventing escape, and contaminated or used cages could be incinerated.
Harold Cohen
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Design at Southern Illinois University