Harold Grosowsky • “Mr. G.” Harold came to Southern Illinois in 1960 from the Institute of Design in Chicago. He came into his own a few years later as the instructor of the General Studies 205 Design class. 205 reached a broad audience with it’s large lectures, 3-screen slide-tape presentations, and well designed classroom structure. Mr. G. stories are endless. Most of them feature Harold teaching a student to think for him or herself. He was known for his sailor caps, his beard, and humor.
Grosowsky and the 1962 Basketry Tensegrity Dome
Design at Southern Illinois University

Three Screen Slide-Tape Shows

The Design 205 class that Mr Grosowsky taught was a multi-media production. At least one class session each week featured a three screen slideshow. Three Kodak Carousel projectors loaded with 35mm color slides were syncronized with an audio tape recording playing through the auditorium sound system. The image above gives the flavor of this early multi- media system. The image to the right shows one of the last remaining sets of cassette tapes for the GS-205 class.