Design at Southern Illinois University
A long lost Bucky paper that was recently found in the back of a filing cabinet. This paper was transcribed, to the best of our ability, from that three-page faded Thermofax copy. The copy appears to have once belonged to Peter Brown because his name and the address 310 West Jackson, Carbondale was on the cover sheet. We need to thank Pete for this document from over 50 years ago. No more secondhand catsup Early in the 1920's, when enclosed area product uniting was as yet envisioned locally in conceptualizations formalized by bottle-canry availabilities: package-uniting of catsup and its tomato condiment alikenesses was understood to be a function of the glass bottle. This silicon vesselizing as a manifestation of the then inherently expedient mode of product uniting was a direct output expression of input availabilities based on the static externalized unity-package mold images that swept out in purely horizontal developing responses to world hamburger demand transitions. Man was content with this quite obviously inadequate catsup unit system for more than four decades, generalizing from its uniting mode a para-uniting formalizing tendency that then trended implosively to freeze other of his optional food sidebar availabilities such as salad dressing, barbecue sauce and Bevo, into identical packaging systems. In 1927, I was attempting to offset the inherent inertia of a silicon vesselized package-unit of Heinz catsup by the then omni-accepted thrust-energizing squirt-out method. I saw quite clearly that an extraordinary pound-per-bottom thrust impulse was required in ever-increasing impulse frequency in order to produce a required catsup layering pattern on the previously steam-activated hot dog I had decided to eat. Extrapolating from the non-layering catsup event sequence poundings to an event- anticipating system requiring perhaps far fewer ppbi's, it occurred to me that within the vast inventory of industrial systems as yet uncatalyzed from the purely local-event oriented but immeasurably more sophisticated demands of the Boer War to serve the growing tomatoing demands of world population, there should exist a sub-systeming capability that could accommodate both man's gustatory sweepout and his reduced Time threshold frequency. Long before, I had seen that blacksmiths and iron mongers excited the heat-energy slaving potential of their horse shoeing flame-ins by introducing a massive oxygen recycling pattern through the man controlled push-pull of a volume-forwarding device he called a bellows. This bellowing capability thus employed in the smithy-focused environment enabled him, quite easily, to transform the progressively softening metals of his local trading into progressively sophisticated programs for outward-sweeping interconnections with his earth environments. It then became excitedly apparent to me that this sequential jet-thrust capability engendered by man's bellows could be reinvented in an entire new spectrum range of activities including his package-uniting. My initial explorations into bellows catsupry were forcefully implemented by world physicians in a spontaneous expansion of their caringry inventory. The bellowing proclivity of the hypodermic syringe was in modest anticipation of such pattern spanning life orientations as Tetracycline and Stabrine. The total hitting power of man's expressable bellowing has now been synergized in the total range performance capability networking of our historically jug-locked unit package inadequacies. We see quite clearly that the polyethyl packaging systems with throwaway alternative build-in have transformed the entire funded technology of catsup package unitizing into an immediate man-advantage, bearing consequentially upon his time-resource availability and energy-loading potential. With apologies to R. Buckminster Fuller