by Bruce Lierman
Davis Pratt A Tribute to Davis Pratt Al Gowan recalls the 1959 class where Davis Pratt charged each class member to, “design a primitive society of people,” who might live in nearby Giant City State Park. 1. What god or gods would they worship, and what effigy might they have devised? 2. What were their behavioral rules? 3. What crops would they grow or harvest from the wild? 4. What kind of shelters would they have built? 5. What tools or artifacts would they have devised? 6. What was the size and locale of their village? click here to read Al Gowan’s story

Pratt-Cohen Furniture

In the late 1940s, Davis Pratt and Harold Cohen designed award winning "modern" chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture. They probably were based in Chicago and affiliated with the Institute of Design as students or teachers when some of this furniture was being designed and marketed. click here to read more about Pratt-Cohen furniture
Davis Pratt, dies at 69
Design at Southern Illinois University
Davis Pratt Obituary The Southern Illinoisan Newspaper Tuesday, January 20, 1987