Design at Southern Illinois University

Shared Vision: The Second American


this 2012 book by Al Gowan features interviews and photographs of SIU design teachers and students between 1955 and 1985. Shared Vision covers the many members of the SIU design department faculty who had studied at the School of Design in Chicago. That school had been founded and led by Moholy Nagy. Before that Moholy had been a master at the German Bauhaus school of design. click to read more . . .

Chicago’s Bauhaus Legacy

This 2013 exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (UIMA) in Chicago showcased art and design by students at the Chicago design schools led by Moholy-Nagy between 1937-1955: 1) the New Bauhaus, 2) the School of Design in Chicago, and 3) the Institute of Design. Pictures from the exhibition highlighting SIU design faculty Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art website

Bauhaus: A New Era

This 2020 streaming video on the MhzChoice Network is an excellent six part history that tells the story of the birthing of the Bauhaus school in Germany by its first director, Walter Gropius. These videos cover the early Bauhaus years at Weimar. Mhz website Trailer on YouTube

Bauhaus Spirit

This film portrays the exciting history of Bauhaus: its beginning, development, and finally its failure and subsequent renewal. utopia for society. In addition, it presents current social, conceptual, and artistic projects and relates them to the history of Bauhaus. This film covers all three German Bauhaus school locations: Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. It also contains footage from Black Mountain College. The film uses this frame of a huge, visionary project to ask the questions that matter today: how do we want to live, where do we want to go from here? webpage for the Bauhaus Spirit film Bauhaus Spirit is streaming at Amazon Prime
close up of silk screened logo on hand painted sign
the SIU design/Bauhaus connection