Sphere Packing Bees couldn't help but make hexagons because close packed circles take less area than cubic arrangements. Humans may be unique because we can't improve in conscious design. Associating Dr. Penfield = Patterns of thought in the brain [did RBF mean Roger Penrose?] Names are remembered on the left side. All brain behavioral data is easier to explain with mind intellect included with a reflexive brain. Man apprehending conscious patterning of the universe and designing in preferred patterns to increase leverage. Everything is design, clean your toilets. Archaeologists just go through trash. In America we're now clean. Design is pyramiding conscious reappraisal of the universe. We are capturing more energy. We learn to leverage nature. Make levers on waterwheels and gears. The environment does work is preferred ways and finding those ways will make us a metabolic success. Man makes steam from nature's million years of coal-making. We need to live on the income not the capital. Coal in the ground is capital earning interest which we can spend someday. Evil versus Good Evil is the use of bad consciousness. Good is good consciousness making savings. Ecology is total patterns. Eco house. Eco college. The male wolf sweeps out about a 54 mile radius while the female wolf covers less territory. Man is the only specie to consciously alter patterns. Evergreen trees and palm trees tend to be found in belts around the earth. The patterns are determined by the shape of the seeds and the power of the wind to move those seeds. Birds migrate to achieve advantages over microbes. They go south to get food and they go north to raise their young. They probably followed the ice north to follow this advantage.
March 1965 Buckminster Fuller Lecture Notes - Page 4 of 6
photo by Dale Carlson Students: Jim Nugent, unidentified, Elliot Ellentuck, and unidentified
Bees do it
Design at Southern Illinois University
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