Something that always persists. In the humanities it doesn't mean much. Mathematics is not generalizable, it's only good for local patterns. Boolean mathematics is only generalizable with multiplication. Math people play decent games but they are not generalizable. Many of them are not legitimate or natural. The Law of the Increase of the Random Element Entropy to mathematicians. It matches the fallout and takes up more space. According to Eddington we get 100,000 tons of stardust daily and the earth's weight increases. The earth's crust has all elements in good proportions. Making the topsoil took years to get keys to man's survival in the universe. The sun has Hydrogen, Helium and Carbon while the earth has most all elements in it's crust. It's in the crust or the topsoil where worms, flies and other organisms do things inadvertently to gain their local advantage. Intellect. Automation. Man is all automated. There are few things we do consciously. Those things we do do consciously are called design. All conscious thinking is design. Man has a design capability. Sphere Packing Bees couldn't help but make hexagons because close packed circles take less area than cubic arrangements. Humans may be unique because we can't improve in conscious design.
March 1965 Buckminster Fuller Lecture Notes - Page 4 of 6
photo by Dale Carlson Students: Jim Nugent, unidentified, Elliot Ellentuck, and unidentified
Bees do it
Design at Southern Illinois University
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