Timelines - continued The design department was housed in the basement of the Allyn Building the first year. When Morris Library was built the upper floors were empty and the design department moved to the 4th floor in 1958. The 4th floor was unfinished raw concrete walls and pillars. In 1960 the department moved to a group of four World War II barracks that were on the western side of the campus (across Campus Circle Drive from the Communication Building). Four 39-foot diameter wood Pease Geodesic domes were soon installed between the barracks. The space between the center two barracks was filled with a post and beam experimental structure that had a cantenary suspension roof made of very large sheets of Homasote. The floor was asphalt. This central exhibit space was soon known as the “space between.” Starting in 1967 the “space between” was remodeled by architect, Richard Helstern, and a team of students. Two years later the students designed a “Frei Otto” style tension tent structure to replace the original auditorium.
Chart data from Herb Meyer
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