The law of conservation of mass and energy The new law is called the law of conservation of mass and energy. We could look at mass as just very high frequency energy. Radiation is disassociative while collection is associative. The whole system is limited and finite. "UNIVERSE" is the minimum perpetual motion machine. Humanity is a subsystem and a local pattern. Local patterns have to be in phase. For instance, copper from Northern Michigan in your spinach will make you healthy while Copper in other ways will kill you as a poison, which is out of phase. All patterns continually reassociate. Let's get back to Hoyle and how nature increases: The law of quanta says that when there is a high probability then there are fewer starts; while a low probability of survival means a high number of starts. In colonial days America's birth rate was high. Each family averaged 13 babies. 1 and 1/2 percent more girls were born in Serbia for 100 years on the average; and then after the war this switched to 1 and 1/2 percent more boys. The Play's the Thing We have always thought of the Universe as a play that we watched. Now we are a part of it. Man is essential to Universe. Someone or thing will carry on universe if we don't. There must be a cushion factor somewhere. An example is the overlap between our use of atomic fuels and the waste of our natural fuels. The big question is: WHAT SHOULD MAN BE DOING HERE IN UNIVERSE? WHAT IS MAN DOING HERE IN UNIVERSE? Norbert Weiner and Cybernetics One idea of how to function comes from Norbert Weiner. He came to the conclusion, "that man is the most important anti-entropic functioner in the universe," about the same time I did. The earth is a small spaceship. The equator speeds around at 1000 miles and hour and The whole planet speeds around the sun at a speed of a million miles a day. The rim speed of rotation of our galaxy is tremendous and the speed of the whole galaxy traveling through space is phenomenal. Non-simultaneity
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