natural fuels. The big question is: WHAT SHOULD MAN BE DOING HERE IN UNIVERSE? WHAT IS MAN DOING HERE IN UNIVERSE? Norbert Weiner and Cybernetics One idea of how to function comes from Norbert Weiner. He came to the conclusion, "that man is the most important anti-entropic functioner in the universe," about the same time I did. The earth is a small spaceship. The equator speeds around at 1000 miles and hour and The whole planet speeds around the sun at a speed of a million miles a day. The rim speed of rotation of our galaxy is tremendous and the speed of the whole galaxy traveling through space is phenomenal. Non-simultaneity Non-simultaneity means that this room, all radiations, all atomic frequencies are non simultaneous. There is no logical, composite picture of anything. There is no inherent associability. Some of the stars you "see" are in your stomach. All words are attempts to tell experience but like universe you can take all words and make coherent sentences. There is no ideal moment, no instantenaiety. Thought is small field differentiation. How fast (much) are the total patterns tied in local knots so that they appear static. On earth (spaceship) it means getting supplies. The Red Shift Harlow Shapley is associated with the red shift. Red glow at night is bending of light. We now know we have an expanding universe because we discovered the red shift far away. Like the childhood tension experience where we discover that tension straightens while compression curls things up. What is Generalization in Science?
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