The Skinner Box An environment for pigeons Pictured to the right is a small demonstration unit consisting of a programming patch panel with interval timers on the left, a chart recorder on the lower left, and a controlled environment (ice chest with window) for the pigeon being trained. Inside the box is a "key" for the pigeon to peck and a cup for "reinforcement" food delivery. This demonstration unit was used to demonstrate operant conditioning techniques during the CASE Training Institute. The Case Training Institute also used a variety of media including closed circuit television, three-screen slide-tape presentations, and motion pictures. For more information read the Adobe PDF version of the CASE Training Institute Media Considerations paper. Behavioral psychology goes mainstream In 1972, Psychology Today magazine did a full issue on behaviorists. Click cover to read Myrl Alexander There was a Carbondale connection for Harold Cohen's educational work with the federal prison system. SIUs Myrl Alexander, head of the Center for the Study of Crime, Delinquency and Corrections at Southern Illinois University also served as head of the federal prison system. Click clipping to enlarge and read Harold Cohen made all the difference By Al Gowan Harold Cohen was the first Chairman of Design at SIU Carbondale, serving from1955 to 1967. I was in his first class, in my junior year. He showed up with a New York accent, an Alan Arkin look alike in a shiny, somewhat rumpled suit. Click to read the rest of Al’s story about Harold. Pratt-Cohen Furniture In the late 1940s, Davis Pratt and Harold Cohen designed "modern" chairs, tables and . . . Click to read more
Controlled environment for operant conditioning of a pigeon
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